10 fashion lessons you learn in New York

Not surprisingly, New York is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world. A subway trip is enough to tell you that it is a metropolis that is always at the service of appearance. Of course, moving to New York may be one of the most important catalysts for changing your wardrobe. Even if you can’t settle for jeans and a T-shirt before coming to New York, only a few months in the Big Apple will improve the look. And although not everyone wants fashion like Carrie Bradshaw (or the desire to wear a ball gown to walk the streets), these are the eleven rules of style that will teach you to live in the city.

Always wear extra shoes

This lesson is probably the first lesson you will learn when your office shoes are uncomfortable. You absolutely cannot go by subway, take the subway, go to work, work all day, then go to happy hour, then ALL go home while you pick up your toes in elegant shoes. No. Know the advantages of the “suburban shoe” quickly and do not worry about its appearance.

All black is a way of life

After living in New York for a few months, one day you can see your dress and notice that you wear different black variations from head to toe during the past week. Don’t worry: the completely black appearance is practically a sign of honor and distinguishes locals from tourists.

But it’s also fun to have fun here

New York City is a place where artists and eccentrics have always been fans. So, if you want to wear a polka dot jacket with a matching silk turban in the subway, try it! You probably aren’t the craziest person in the neighborhood yet.

Manicures are not optional

The beauty of New York, from the feet to the feet, is obvious. And with so many cheap manicure places in virtually every corner of the city, there is no excuse for dirty nails.

Everyone is better with a bang

There is a reason why there is a DryBar in virtually every neighborhood in Manhattan.

If you don’t carry at least seven bags, you probably forgot something
Seeing a woman with nothing but a clutch is an urban myth. Or is it a mythical creature sent from another planet or less than two blocks from your home? You will need a work bag, a daily use bag, a sports bag, a laptop bag, a lunch bag and a shopping bag that you collected during your trip, etc.

Avoid subway networks when you go with heels

Just a pair of shoes in ruins to remember this lesson for the rest of your life.

DO NOT walk in pajamas in the cellar

Even if he is sick and stops at the cellar to buy soup and medication, the cellar is an opportunity to serve glances. Your winery friend is one of the people you see most often in New York, and you probably don’t want him to know what your pajamas are like.

Sales examples are your best friends

Even if you arrive early, there is always a line. But in 90% of cases it will be worth it. Collecting designer items in a store for much less than they cost is the epitome of New York.

Go to the club in slippers

If you want to dance all night and move on, you need some kicks, but not just a pair of old shoes. If you really want to spend time with great guys, you must decipher your Gucci, Jeremy Scott, Yeezy Booster, Fenty Pumas or Raf Simons x Adidas.

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