5 Steps to Create Your Marketing Strategy in Social Networks in 2019

  • Are you fighting in 2019 to develop your marketing strategy in social networks? This is a very important year in the field of digital marketing. Therefore, it may be important to have the right strategy in advance to ensure the success of your business throughout the year.
  • This article describes five simple steps you can follow when creating your social media marketing strategy for 2019.
  • Step 1: Check the Performance of Social Networks this year:
  • In the past, companies that are thinking about making their social networks last year and making adjustments will be much better next year, unlike companies that start or do not provide data in their current state.
  • Check the parameters carefully and see what works and what did not work. If you tried something new, did it work? If not, why and how did you do it differently?
  • After reviewing the 2018 performance, you can clearly define what you want to achieve in 2019 and avoid costly mistakes from the previous year.
  • Step 2: Set your marketing goals on social networks for 2019
  • As with anything else you want to achieve, you must have clear and precise objectives that you must follow over a period of time. Your marketing objectives depend on the industry in which you operate and the size of your business. Competition, the public and other factors will also come into play.
  • Here are some marketing goals that you should consider:
  • • How to increase brand awareness.
  • • How can you generate even more traffic on your website?
  • • Generate leads and increase your sales.
  • If your business has been around for a while, you may want to set specific goals with a metric that must be achieved within a specific time period.
  • We also recommend that you divide your marketing strategy into four areas and analyze your performance every three months instead of every year. This will help you detect and correct errors before wasting resources.
  • Step 3. Create Audience Characters
  • If it has just started, it may not be that important to you. But as you grow, you must divide your audience into groups. You can decide groups. You can rely on interests, purchased products, demographics or anything else you consider valuable.
  • SEO Techniques Pro agencies suggest that dividing your audience and creating characters for each group will help you understand your customers, who can help you convert any type of customer and the factors that trigger your decisions of the purchase.
  • Step 4: Identify Distribution Channels and Key Moments for the Poster.
  • It’s huge! This will not only affect conversion rates, but also growth and participation in social networking sites.
  • This is especially important if you are a local company. Messages outside of work hours or at night may not be the best decision for your clients who can really deal with you, are probably asleep and every link you receive from people from different parts of the world lives in another country time zone.
  • After a while, you can look at the analysis and see when your publication generates more commitments. Then you can start posting at important times to get the best results.
  • If you want to know when each platform is better, you can do it globally by doing a simple Google search and finding what works best for your business.
  • Once you have defined the key moments for the publication, you should determine the purpose of each social media platform for your business. What do you get and how does it help you achieve your goals?
  • In general, here is a simplified version of what each platform can do for its whole.
  • Facebook: the largest social networking platform in the world. Perfect for any industry, especially if you want to create viral videos and use paid ads.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a community platform. It is a news platform. This is the place where people discuss everything and everything. You can also use hashtags to get to people.
  • LinkedIn – This is a professional and mainly B2B social network. You will find employees, entrepreneurs and everything else.
  • Instagram – A platform for visual brands. Images, quotes and short videos go well here. Hashtags work very well on Instagram, while Instagram posts average more than 50% on average compared to other social media platforms.
  • Pinterest: Is also ideal for visual brands, since it was developed exclusively for images. Users mainly use the platform to get inspired.

If you need help to develop a successful social media strategy or want to know the current strategy, contact our experts in: info@seotechniquespro.com

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