A Look at Facebook’s Marketing Trends for 2019

The marketing of Facebook is one of the best tools available to take your business to the global platform. It gives you the opportunity to be incredibly innovative in the development of your business. Facebook gives priority to online sellers. Therefore, marketing strategies are regularly changed every year to facilitate their activities. The world of commerce is more volatile than before. To survive in a highly competitive environment, you must differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain the trust of the target group.

Let’s take a look at some of Facebook’s marketing trends for 2019 in the following paragraphs that will help you reach your goal.

Why Facebook?

First, some basic facts about Facebook, one of the most popular social networking platforms of the day:

• Monthly active users: 2.2 billion.
• Daily active users: 1.4 billion.
• Photos updated daily: 300 million.
• Daily videos: 8 billion.

With these statistics, it’s easy to see why you cannot afford to ignore Facebook to make your e-commerce business a success.

An FB store in your e-commerce store.

A well-known online marketer in Pakistan says that if he has an active Facebook community and does not yet have an FB store, his resources are significantly underutilized. Opening a Facebook store in your store is a great way to give your customers what they want. You can access the functionality add-ons required by Knowband for Magento and Prestashop stores. With these utilities you can integrate your store in your FB page.
The advantages of an FB store.

The conversion is not easy, as customers become more selective before buying. It takes a great effort to turn an occasional visitor into a customer. The Facebook store is a medium that increases the conversion possibilities in your store. In addition, your customers can buy your services or products more efficiently. Click on the Store tab to see your products or services on a page. Thanks to these mutual benefits, SEO experts in Pakistan offer their customers the opening of FB stores in their existing e-commerce stores.
Adjust your FB-Shop

• High and friendly personalization: an FB store is very customizable. You can change the colors of the buttons, add or remove products and more. On the positive side, your Facebook store will not make your life more difficult. When you update your online store, your changes will appear immediately in your Facebook store. Therefore, you should not make any additional effort or manage different resources to manage both the e-commerce store and the Facebook store.

• Intelligent analysis to facilitate the traceability of customers: one of the advantages of the Know band FB Store module is that it greatly improves the understanding of sales. It offers a wide range of analysis to help you discover where your visitors come from, how many of them come from Facebook, where they come from and other important aspects.

How Facebook Ads are Useful

FB ads offer more benefits than you think.

• Increase the visibility of your products on social networks.
• Select the audience based on factors such as age, gender, interests and anything else you do on the Internet.
• You can specify the interest or choice of the target users.
• A wide range of integrated performance metrics makes it easy to measure return on investment and tracking performance.
• Increase customer loyalty: according to SEO Techniques Pro, FB stores offer an effective way to increase customer loyalty for e-commerce activities.
• Promote the visibility of your company: in addition to posting ads on Facebook, sometimes you can do a personal protection campaign (or Pay per commitment) at the expense of a small amount to make your business accessible to a wider audience. Wide.
One of the best features of FB ads is that even if the target customers do not click on your ad, the ad is always visible in the news to strengthen their commitment. This will make the customer’s retargeting easier in the future.

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