The 9 Most Important Trends Expected by PPC in 2019 Will Remain Updated.

Merry Christmas!

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The end of the year celebrations have already taken place all over the world, including in Pakistan. In a happy atmosphere, everyone can celebrate the new year 2019 in a few days. This is the best time to take a look at the current year, which ends in less than a week.

The year 2018 was a turbulent year for the commercialization of PPC. The year was marked by important changes in the world of the PPC. For example, Google changed the name of AdWords to Google Ads, introducing rich and surprising features, campaign style options, targeting options, enhancements and tools. In summary, the search engine has extensively redefined its user interface to offer its users a better experience.

To adapt to the Google trend, Bing Ads integrates dozens of new features, better reporting capabilities and goals for a better user experience. LinkedIn began to create profiles for companies. Last, but not least, Amazon’s online sales portal, which allows companies to direct their respective target groups directly to the online sales portal.

What are the Expected Trends of the CPP for 2019 in this Competent Situation?

Let’s Take a Look.

Keywords VS. Public

Keywords or phrases should be less important and, by 2019, people and context have a higher priority. In other words, keywords will no longer be the sole lever of primary research. On the other hand, separate opinions are heard. According to this school, the difference between successful campaigns and average PPC campaigns will be characterized by an appropriate segmentation of the audience data and its implementation. This requires a complete public targeting strategy. Some experts believe that the key to PPC’s marketing success is to invest more time and effort in creating and optimizing target segments.

Automation Against Human Intelligence.

Automation already exists. Google, Bing and other major search engines should introduce new smart features next year. The automation features of Google Ads will also be improved soon. The key success factor in this situation is how much it needs to replace the integrated automation tools with external suppliers. This trend of PPC does not reach the level of competition between man and machine. Rather, it is about identifying PPC activists who use smarter processes to take advantage of automation and send their competitors home.

Amazon and other important advertising platforms.

E-commerce brands should have fun in 2019 and have more opportunities to reach buyers with greater individuality and precision. Bing Ads is currently working on local inventory ads that indicate the availability of inventory in a particular area to increase store visits. Facebook offers new formats for instant and instant showcase templates to automatically generate videos with product customizations for specific customers. Pinterest presents a new feature that includes the price and availability of a product so that users can buy directly. It is also preparing to develop recommendations on customized products for a large user base. Initially, Google will offer a local catalog ad based on mobile indexing to show store availability and costs in an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use mobile presentation.

Role of the Account Manager in PPC marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) will define the world of the PPC campaign, but will not affect the employment prospects of PPC activists. Instead, they play a crucial role in choosing the system that offers their customers greater mileage. Another part of the analysts believes that PPC marketing experts should use their machine learning skills to cope with the new situation. In 2019, attention should be paid to aspects such as the use of automation, mastery of new market analysis and the development of complex multi-channel success strategies. It is expected that the trend of PPC advertising will continue to evolve in the near future.


Each ad must contain a message and this message is important for maximum success. Since there are different versions of titles and descriptions available, PPC activists must decide more carefully if titles 1, 2 and 3 work well with the lines of descriptions 1 and 2.

Video Advertising

Experts from a leading PPC company in Pakistan believe that their social strategies (especially videos) should focus on improving SERP ratings. When it comes to video ads, YouTube is a useful platform to reach the target audience. You can not skip the video today because video content or video advertising is the most effective way to reach mobile users.


Remarketing is critical because it offers CTR and higher conversion rates. It’s a good idea to combine remarketing with the Facebook “Click to Message” ad format.

Brand building

Experts agree that the creation of the brand remains the key to PPC advertising. As a general rule, PPC ads are oriented towards ROI, which means that the demand side of a product is almost completely ignored. In 2019, brand loyalty and brand affinity will be the two elements that will be different from the strategies and platforms.In addition to the factors mentioned above, the experts of the Agency of SEO Techniques Pro that many new types of announcements, reports and tools should be presented next year. These articles will take PPC advertising to a new level of execution.

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