Yes, Even The Most Beautiful Beauties Can Run!

If done correctly, modeling can help form the cheekbones and accentuate the jaw. Despite all the paleness, the contour is still a very scary concept. After all, nobody wants to do too much, and for pale girls, the chances are much greater. Follow these four fitness tips that every pale girl should know and that you can perfect in a short time!

Choose the right color

A small garrison can go far. Not much product is needed to make the face thin and shaped. Light-skinned girls resist the temptation to use products and colors that can tan their friends. Often, common contour kits are too dark and make themselves felt on lighter skin. Instead, use a powder that is only three or four shades darker than your natural complexion.

Apply it correctly

The right girls may be wrong in terms of contours in two areas: apply too much and choose the wrong color. To avoid hard lines, use a semi-soft brush or kabuki to apply a powder contour to the cheek cavities, temples, and along the jaw. Be sure to mix, melt and melt the contours of your skin. There is nothing worse than seeing hard and unnatural wicks on the face. The sketch should not be noticeable, but an illusion.

Correct your mistakes

There are errors If suddenly you find an incorrect version of the tutorial “before mixing”, do not panic, just mix. Take a large soft brush and translucent powder and remove hard lines with small circular motions.

Limber up

One last tip: To choose a specific contour tone, choose one with golden and warm tones instead of cooler and ash gray tones. Warm tones immediately give your face a healthy glow, while colder colors on pale skin may appear dull or opaque.

Ultimate but not least

When you start with the optimal “canvas”, you will get the best results. Regular facials, like no other, help improve the appearance of your complexion.